Who We Are & What We Do

Good Communications

will open up a whole new world.

We Bring Ideas to Life

and help your business soar.

About Us

Our Company

Designworks is an independent, creative, graphic design and marketing studio based in British Columbia, Canada. The company has been growing since 2004 and is supported by decades of professional design, communications and marketing experience. We unite our skills and strategies so we can build your brand and make your business soar.

Our Collaboration

We collaborate with a strong network of professionals to ensure your project is a success. We join creative forces as your project requires. Together we bring over 20 years of experience working as professional graphic designers, project managers, writers, narrators, marketing consultants, award-winning filmmakers, web developers, and photographers. From beginning to end, we will work with you to achieve your vision and tell your story in a way that attracts your target audience and keeps them engaged.

Our Drive

What Drives Us? A deep appreciation for great communication. We love clear and clever writing. We respect and applaud a great design. We cherish a good font…. And we like making things happen. If you want to communicate useful information, we want to support your efforts. And, if we can help you make the world a better place, then count us in.

Our Story

We moved north from the “big smoke” of Vancouver, British Columbia to Smithers in the late 1990s. Our creative and entrepreneurial flames grew bright and we were soon building an evolutionary series of successful Graphic Design and Web Development businesses, from the ground up. Designworks was conceived in 2004 and is a happily thriving design studio today!

Our Focus

  • Promotional Materials – in Print & Online (Web, Social Media, etc…) 95% 95%
  • Advertising 80% 80%
  • Branding & Logos 50% 50%
  • Your Marketing Success! 100% 100%

Our Services

Branding & Logos

What’s branding? It’s your look and feel. It’s your key message. It’s your tagline. It’s your visual identity. It’s how people recognize your business or product. Your logo is a crucial part of your branding. We’ll make it eye catching, professional and memorable. And we’ll ensure it establishes your credibility, at a glance!

We’ll design your logo & boost your brand.

Brochures, Books, Ads, Web…

Do you need to say something? Sell something? Do something digital? We design, write & develop marketing tools that inspire & connect you with your audience. Brochures, Books, Billboards, Reports, Magazines, Ads, Posters, Signage, SWAG, Websites, e-newsletters… you name it. Communications design is our thing.

We’ll make you look remarkable.

Writing & Marketing

Take your business to the next level with effective writing and strategic marketing — Promotional Writing, Ad Creative, Business Communications, Press Releases, Content & Copy Editing… We’ll deliver your message with clarity and style so it has an impact on your target audience.

Strategic thinkers and writers at your service.